Road Trip in Thailand

Road Trip in Thailand

Discover Thailand from North to South

Elen and François are traveling the world and stopped by Thailand, where they could taste unusual ice creams, drink green tea in a green tea plantations, and swim in the clear waters of the Similan Islands.

While out sailing one day the couple discovered  the island of Koh Ngai, just south of Koh Lanta. The island has its own restaurant where they enjoyed freshly made breakfast in the morning and a glass of beer in the afternoon. They spent their time relaxing on the secluded beach, gazing out into the ocean at the horizon and the other scattered islands nearby.

Koh Ngai even had its own resort, a modest set of huts surrounding a placid swimming pool. Surrounded by water, Elen and François were at peace.

Peace sounds nice, doesn’t it? Give it a try by checking out their distriKt, and discover their trip while learning about Thailand in their super cool little videos!

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Elen & François

Elen & François
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