How to create a distriKt?

How to create a distriKt?

You need to create a distriKt first to be able to post pictures, albums, videos and articles. And we know: everybody’s got something to share. So what about you?

On your phone, click the K button and choose create a distriKt.

On the website, click Create DistriKt.

5 fun steps will wait for you to plant your flag, draw your distriKt, name it, add a cover, and describe it.

Oh and just a tip from us: talk about the street you live in, catchy street arts in your favorite city, a sweet little island you went to on vacation, your private room when you were a teenager, your messy garage before your wife requests a garage sale, your chaotic purse, the inside of your favorite bar, an overwhelming underwater world, this fantastic festival you went to…

Discover some great distriKts in the world here.

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