How to create a post?

How to create a post?

To be able to post pictures, albums, videos and articles, you need to create a distriKt first (mydistriKt basics #3 – How to create a distriKt).

Press the K button and choose a distriKt you have created. Now you have to deal with the biggest question: do you want to share a photo, video, album or article?


  1. Choose a picture from your photo gallery on your phone or your computer.
  2. No filter? Cool. Need a filter? Great, time to choose one now.


  1. Take an 11-sec live video.
  2. Some more coolness? Choose a filter to pimp it.


  1. Upload up to 4 pictures.


  1. Upload up to 30 pictures.

Write something and add the address of the picture’s location. And most important: share, share, share! Woohooo. You did it.

Happy Posting to all of you!

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