Create your own travel blog with mydistriKt

Create your own travel blog with mydistriKt

Create your travel blog, known as a “distriKt” on mydistriKt, and give it a unique name!

The core of mydistriKt is comprised of the “DistriKt Reporters,” bloggers who regularly update their distriKt’s, or blogs, with quality content. Your blog can focus on any place; if you traveled somewhere you can create a blog for your trip. Blogs don’t have to be centered on traveling outside of your city; you can create a distriKt focusing on your own community and highlight the things you like (or don’t like) about it. You are the journalist, and you decide what you want to report on!

At mydistriKt we place a high value on quality. DistriKt Reporters have a fascination with the world around them and a desire to share their own slices of the world. A quality post expresses the journalist’s emotions about their distriKt and conveys that emotion to the viewer either through photo and a few accompanying words or a longer, interesting article. This is what makes a DistriKt Reporter!

Who can become a DistriKt Reporter? The answer is anyone, anywhere. mydistriKt welcomes users from anywhere in the world to share their surroundings, creating their own personal “distriKt’s,” or blogs. We love to see new distriKts in new places. A quality blog in a small village in West Africa would receive just as much recognition as would a quality blog in Los Angeles (and perhaps even more, since who hasn’t heard of LA?). What separates our social media (mydistriKt and Planet DistriKt) from all of the other travel sites is that we truly want representation from every corner of our rare and diverse planet. Find out how to reach DistriKt Reporter status here!

How do you obtain an International Press Card? With our social media, we like to reward our DistriKt Reporters. The first is by offering them press access with mydistriKt’s International Press Card. To receive this card you must reach “DistriKt Reporter” status by posting to your blog on mydistriKt. Once received, this card allows DistriKt Reporters to gain special access to events and places in their own regions and beyond. It can be used in your own city or country, or wherever it is you may travel. Don’t forget to take it along with you! Have you ever wanted to go on a private tour of your favorite museum or be granted press access to a press conference with the President of the United States? This is what the mydistriKt International Press Card can do for you.

Another reward for DistriKt Reporters is promotion of their distriKt to the travel guide Planet DistriKt, the source for the best distriKt’s and guides from mydistriKt. Only quality distriKt’s make it to Planet DistriKt!

The final reward for DistriKt Reporters is access to special codes to be used for discounts on thousands of travel activities. These codes are reserved solely for DistriKt Reporters.

Reporter status, an International Press Card, and tons of discounts on travel… Become a DistriKt Reporter today! (Suggested article: How to obtain your International Press Card with mydistriKt?)

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