How to obtain your International Press Card with mydistriKt?

How to obtain your International Press Card with mydistriKt?

The mydistriKt press pass

The most influential users of mydistriKt – no matter which territory they cover, from the tiniest village in Provence, France, to the newest hipster neighborhood in NYC – will receive an International Press Card to their front door at home. With this press pass, they will gain entry to museums, attractions, previews, press conferences, events…

How to obtain you press card in 4 steps

1 – Create an account on mydistriKt

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2 – Create your first distriKt

All good thing must come to a… beginning: Create your  blog, which is called a “distriKt” on mydistriKt. It can be about your street, your neighborhood, your state, your country… your garden. You’re the journalist. You chose the territory you want to share. Two minutes later, your local blog is online!

3 – Post pictures, articles and videos in those distriKts

You can add images, small articles, huge reviews, short videos… Anything you want in order to share with the other users your favorite spots, your local addresses or simply… show a little pretty fountain in your neighborhood. Everybody will then discover your area, your city, your country.

4 – Here you are, a DistriKt Reporter, with a press pass in your pocket!

The other users will start liking your posts, keeping them and sharing them. You will obtain more and more people conneKted to your distriKts. After a few days of activity, you will reach a new status: distriKt Reporter.

Our team will contact you and prepare your press card. You will receive your personalized card by mail a few days later, for free (free worldwide shipping).

Don’t know who is a DistriKt Reporter, and who is not?
You can identify them with the green circle around their profile picture.

Now, how to use your International Press Card?

Jena-Wilson-white-background-300x188This card identifies you as a Reporter. No matter where you are – in your city or halfway around the world – or whether you want to visit a place, go to an event, gain access for a preview, have a seat at a press conference or show off at a fashion show, you just have to present yourself as a reporter and ask for a free entrance so you can feature on this topic.

Most of the time, you will gain access, plus a smile – all of that for free!

Hundreds of mydistriKt’s users already make use of this press pass and travel the world to get photos and share their experiences. What about you?

Embrace the world and make the most of your trips thanks to your card!

mydistriKt Press Team

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