Totally Tulum

Totally Tulum

Tulum: Where Mayan history was written.

Lucinda traveled to Mexico to bring us this distriKt all about the historic Mayan city of Tulum, Mexico. A gorgeous and touching destination, it is known as one of the last cities inhabited by the Maya. To Lucinda, it is one of the most beautiful cities she has ever set foot in. She was mesmerized by its secret beaches, its gorgeous tropical trees and temple stones full of memories of may years ago.

There’s nothing quite like the cover provided by thatch-roof huts along Jashita Beach in Tulum. Sure, we all want some sun, but those UV rays can be damaging! In between periods of sun-bathing, the hammocks strung up underneath the huts are the perfect place to experience the island lifestyle, where it’s always island time. Lucinda’s advice? Keep calm, enjoy the view, and each some authentic nachos.

As an international reporter, Lucinda would be remiss if she didn’t set foot in one of the ancient Mayan temples famous in the region. Of course, she did go to discover the temples, where she was blown away by the design of an ancient Mayan calendar, carved into the ground. After some time at the temple she did as the locals do, and had some fresh caught fish cooked right on the beach.

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