Lyon through the eyes of a professional photographer

Lyon through the eyes of a professional photographer

Which longboard will Francois take next?

Francois is a photographer from Lyon, France, and he brings us another brilliant distriKt. The focus of this distriKt is his hometown, Lyon, which he discovers through photography and exploration (via skateboard). Anyone who appreciates professional, high-quality photography will surely appreciate this distriKt from this local reporter. Anyone with an interest in urban landscape will enjoy this distriKt. Basically, this distriKt is medicine for your eyeballs.

Lyon’s Confluence Museum is beautifully designed with contemporary architectural styles. Francois is a pro, no doubt, and knows how to play with the lighting of his subject. One such image from this museum makes it hard to tell whether the ceiling pattern is imitated on the floor or if it is merely a reflection from what could be a water feature, a splendid use of the lighting available.

This distriKt, along with Francois’ other distriKts, is one of the few distriKts on mydistriKt to feature long-exposure photography. What does that mean? It means you need to check his distriKt out and learn for yourself!

Fans of black and white photography are served by this distriKt as well. Folks who prefer colorful images won’t be disappointed, either. The “Rue de la Republique” must be one of the more reflective streets in the world, capturing and then sending out the color of the surrounding neon building lights.

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