Coconut Grove, the wild distriKt of Miami

Coconut Grove, the wild distriKt of Miami

This isn’t the Miami you’ve been picturing!

Lush, authentic, but also fancy; this is Coconut Grove in Miami, Florida. Laure lives there and brings us this insider guide about all-things Coconut Grove to help us discover the area. She loves watching the sunrise everyday on her way to take her kids to school, and often can’t take her eyes off the gorgeous and dynamic trees (drive safe, Laure!). The humidity is one thing she doesn’t love, as it makes everyone’s hair frizzy! Other than that, it’s all love…

Laure’s distriKt shows us that the plant life in the “Grove,” as locals call it, is truly fascinating. Banyan trees with so many roots and trunks you can’t keep count, with wild branches going in every which way that can sometimes create a natural roof! The best sights are when the sun tries to sneak through the tree openings, creating lightness and darkness in the same space.

As a local reporter, Laure knows all of the hot spots in the Grove. Her guide does a fabulous job combining food and shopping recommendations with beautiful pictures of the jungle-like atmosphere, creating a wonderful experience. Great work Laure, keep it coming!

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